Sending sweet mail

Sometimes living so far away from your home country can be difficult. In particular when a family member is sick or unwell and you can’t just pop around to say hi and let them know you’re thinking of them. So you find yourself trying to think of different ways you can let people know you’re keeping them in mind during the (at times) difficult periods. Also during the good ones!

My husband’s uncle has not been well for a while now and so we decided to send him and his wife a care package containing lots of the delicious chocolate we discovered in Switzerland. But sending gifts from overseas is a pain, they always look so ordinary arriving in a generic post-pack! So this time I decided to dress them up a little. These are the results!

I created individual wrappers for each of the chocolate bars and cut a roll of brown paper I have into A4 sized pieces, so that they would be the correct size to go through our printer.

I wrapped each of the bars. folding the raw edges over to make it a little neater. Additionally, I used double sided tape to hold everything together. It looks so much nicer than seeing pieces of tape all over the pretty wrapping!

I took time with the wrapping. Just a little extra time and patience makes a huge difference to the overall look of your gift!

I created four different wrapping paper styles, with four different quotes.

I then took an Ikea box I had left over from making my Hot Air Balloon Decoration Tutorial and opened it up, reversing it so that the side without stickers or labels is on the exterior.

And printing my wrapping paper pattern on some more brown paper, I lined the box with different patterns.

This is the finished result. I’ve just got to add some bubble wrap, tape the box closed and add the address label and it’s on it’s way!

What do you think?

I’ve created templates of the chocolate wrappers, you can download the A4 PDF’s of each of them below. Why not send someone you love something sweet?




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