Seriously Simple Embroidered Christmas Decorations

I stumbled across these fabulous miniature embroidery frames by Laura of The Creative Munster a few weeks ago and promptly purchased each of her designs.

They’re fabulous!

Laser cut out of bamboo, they’re very simple to use. I used a little white linen and added some colourful star themed embroidery to these small embroidery hoop frames.

The only problem I found was that the linen can mark a little with the residue from the laser, but it came out easily with a little washing liquid and a hand wash. I’d suggest giving each of your frames a wipe before you use them if you intend to re-use your embroidery later, or if you’re like me and unlikely to line them up perfectly the first time!

 They would be gorgeous as Christmas decorations or Gift tags… I haven’t decided yet! Either way I think I’m going to need to place a new order soon!

As each piece is rather small, they’re very quick to do. If I’d been clever enough I could have had enough done to decorate my entire tree by Christmas. But I’d not thought it through and haven’t ordered enough. Oh well, there is always next year!

I lined the reverse of each of my embroidery pieces with additional linen. Pushed the backing ring into place and trimmed off the excess cloth. You could glue them into place and add a piece of cloth cut to size to make the reverse look gorgeous too, but I wanted the ability to change my embroidery patterns, so I’ve not done so. Even so, it looks pretty tidy on the reverse and the backing ring holds it all together beautifully.

Now I’ve to decide what to do with my additional miniature embroidery hoops.

I think I need a Christmas themed brooch… or maybe a pendant… oh oh, I know I’ll glue them to Christmas cards!

 There are just too many options…


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