Slight adjustments

I’ve been wracking my brain for an age now about where next to nicx is heading. I’ve not had a clear direction and it’s been exceedingly frustrating.

You see whilst I adore letterpress and packaging and have been doing all I can to learn about manufacturing stationery and cards as well as getting a better online store up etc, this is far from all I do.

Friends and complete strangers keep telling me I should be blogging about my love of cooking, cakes, stitching, knitting, travel, interior design, events, and commercial work in addition to the letterpress stuff I love making and posting about.

I’ve wanted to post recipes, templates for my cakes so you can make your own, templates for biscuit stands and patterns for jumpers. I’ve wanted to blog about the lamp shade I’m covering with an old knit scarf, the new cushion covers I commissioned and the artwork Mark Powell is making for me. I’ve wanted to give you reviews on the books I’ve been reading. I’ve wanted to include the work of some of the fabulously talented ladies I know. I’ve wanted Next to nicx to be so very much more than it has been.

But I just couldn’t see a way to do it! Short of creating 6 different blogs about all manner of things. I hit a stone wall and so have been waiting for a lightbulb moment.

Then last weekend something pretty fabulous happened. I met this amazing lady at a baby shower I was hosting for our mutual friend Meriel. I have to admit I had no idea who she was when I met her and I had little time to converse properly as I was attempting to be a good hostess. But that evening after I’d packaged up the last of the cake, cleaned the tea cups and champagne glasses and sat down with a glass of wine that I looked her up. It hit me just how lovely she’d been by tweeting so nicely about my work for Meriel. And as I was perusing her fabulous blog I realised that it is possible to blog about a myriad of likes.

My husband has been telling me that I am my product for an age. But I can be pretty dense at times, I just haven’t been able to hear. But it has been festering for a couple of days and finally this morning it exploded in a wonderful way. I had a light bulb moment.

I in no way want to replicate Liberty London Girls blog (even though I have an unhealthy love of Liberty prints!). Our styles are very different and she’s light years ahead of me with experience (not to mention the thought of fashion shows makes me want to cower in the corner rocking rhythmically).

I am going to let next to nicxs’ online presence evolve. Add sections to the blog to allow you to look at lovely letterpress or creative crochet and to feature other fabulously creative people. My store is already getting a facelift so I’ll put that to the side for the moment and integrate it..

But I’ve just given myself a ton more work to do. I’ll still be around. But I may have square eyes after all the coding I’m going to have on my plate!

But why am I telling you this? One reason is that by putting it online I’m committing myself. The other is that I’m determined to keep you lovely people in the loop. I’ll need you to give me feedback and tell me what you do and don’t like!

So here’s to choosing a fork in the road. I can’t wait to see where this one leads!


P.S- Since I posted this blog. Liberty London Girl blogged about the baby shower I hosted! Have a look here

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