Spring Cleaning!


I wrote a few weeks ago about taking a breather from blogging. To focus on my little one, our currently tumultuous but very exciting existence and Spring cleaning the blog.

Then I went to a bloggers conference in Berlin, and all the things I’d been thinking were confirmed and reinforced. With the result that over the past two weeks, I’ve spent more hours than I can count, taking a virtual broom, paintbrush and hammer to the blog.

It’s been completely overhauled!

Attempting to get passport photos for our American visas this morning resulted in tears and then bribery with one of the last Easter eggs. And we still failed. But it did result in some really lovely portraits where she's looking everywhere but at the camera! #munchkinetmoi #munchkin #portrait #visa #thisisgoingtotakeawhile #tryagaintomorrow #toddler #nineteenmonths #children

Whilst-ever Munchkin has been awake I’ve focused on doing things with her. Thankfully at present she still thinks that helping me is fun and whilst it often takes two or three times as long, we’ve managed to get a fair bit done around the house.

I’ve also been a lot more relaxed with my generally strict definition of tidy. My house often now looks like a 83cm high whirlwind has gone through it.

My day just got a little cheerier! #flowers #spring! #peonies #happy

But Munchkin has also been napping a little more too; she’s currently stuck in between needing one and two naps per day, which is playing havoc with our scheduling, but has the added benefit of giving me more time to Spring clean!

So the front of the blog has a new face, and the back has been tidied and loads of rubbish removed (I’ve finally started to pay attention to SEO etc with quite exciting results).

There are still some new things to come, the blog will forever be a work in progress. But I’m pretty happy with it at present, and can now get back into the studio to start making and blogging instead of faffing around with analytics, categories, broken link checkers and SEO.

Just found a hairline crack in one of my favourite #vintage tea cups. Looks like I'll have to use them for display only. #Japanese #china #teacup #bright

I’ve also created a new theme/ motto for the blog.

Make. Bake. Fold. Sew.”

I feel it encompasses all that Next to Nicx has become.

Have you discovered cold brew coffee yet? You really should! It's really simple to make. Recipe on my blog #linkinheader #coffee #coldbrew #DIY #recipe #addictedtothestuff

After analysing the data quite closely, it’s become pretty clear about what you, my lovely readers, want. So I’m going to try and focus more on what I know interests you.

So please, let me know what you think? I’d love to know if you like the new ‘magazine style’ layout? I’m hoping it makes tutorials and templates that much easier for you to find. As well as looking much prettier!

All images used in this post are from my Instagram account

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