Spring Crochet Cushion

Cushions on Counch
A couple of months ago I had a bit of an internal tantrum when I discovered every one of the couch cushions commandeered by my two-year old Munchkin. She was determined she needed them as beds for her toys… I wanted to work on the couch ensconced in my cushion ‘nest’.

It was abundantly clear that we needed more than two couch cushions. So I took a trip to our local yarn shop (we’ve moved a seven minute walk away from a yarn store! ;-)), but I couldn’t find anything I loved. I wanted thick, chunky, colorful yarn. Something fresh to inject a little Spring into the house!

Cushions on Couch
So imagine my joy when that night, I received an email from We Are Knitters, a fabulous group who put together modern knit and crochet patterns, kits and gloriously colorful yarns! They wanted to know if I’d be interested in putting together a pattern for them, and I jumped at the chance. I’d followed them on Facebook for a couple of years and was exceedingly excited about having an opportunity to play with their splendid Peruvian wool.

We Are Knitters Shipping Packet
A couple of weeks later this packet arrived at my door! All. The. Happiness.

We Are Knitters 100% Peruvian Wool - Aquamarine
I may have spent more time than is healthy just patting the luxurious balls of yarn. 3 balls of both Aquamarine and Salmon Peruvian Wool. *Insert happy sigh*

We Are Knitters Yarn and Cushion Tops
I’ve created a very simple pattern. This would be perfect for a beginner! You need to know nothing more than chain and single crochet and it makes up really quickly. I had these finished in just a few evenings, whilst sitting in front of Mr Darcy the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice.

We Are Knitters - Spring Cushion Tops
I used some 26 inch IKEA down filled inner cushions and sewed up a 26″x 26″ fabric back with a zipper. I used fabric on the back as knowing my daughter they’re likely to end up on the floor quite often.

But, if you don’t have access to a sewing machine (or dislike sewing in zippers), you could easily crochet up two sides and stitch them together, or make yourself a fabric cushion backing with a big button.

Cushion Backs - Zipper enlosure

Spring Crochet Cushion Cover Pattern
Stitches you need to know:

Chain = ch
Single Crochet = sc


2 balls of Peruvian Yarn (or comparable alternate) main color (1) – this will make up one cushion side, double it if you want to make up both sides in crochet.

1 ball of Peruvian Yarn (or comparable alternate) highlight color (2) you only need half a ball in the highlight color per side. One ball will do two sides of the cushion if you decide to crochet up two.

15mm crochet hook.

A 10mm crochet hook or large needle to thread the contrasting color.

Stitching Spring Cushion Front to Fabric Back with Sewing Machine

In yarn color 1:

Row 1: ch 40 (40)

Row 2: sc in second ch from hook. sc in next 38 ch (39)

Row 3: ch 1, turn and sc in next 39 sc (39)

Row 4 to 31: Repeat row 3

Row 32: ch 1, turn and sc in next 39 sc, fasten off (39)

At this point, my crochet stitches looked very close together. I wanted to see the holes in my crochet and to stretch it out so it was a square. To do this I wet blocked them. You lay your project down, pull and pin it into the shape you desire, then wet your project, either by hand washing it or spraying it with water. There’s some fabulous information about blocking here (knit and crochet blocking is exactly the same ;-)).

Block your project so it is 26 inch square

In yarn color 2:

After your project is thoroughly dry and in great shape:

Row 2: Weave a 30 inch piece of color 2 yarn in the holes between the crochet stitches until you reach the end. Gently pull on each end of the row so that the line of yarn relaxes into place. You don’t want these lines to warp your square shape.

Row 3: Skip

Row 4: Repeat Row 2

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until you reach the top of your project.

Closeup of cushions
At this point I pinned my crochet cushion front to the fabric back, ensured that the fabric was on the bottom (to make sure I didn’t snag the yarn in my sewing machine), and gently sewed a 1/4 inch seam around the edge. And then I did it again, for strength and to make sure I’d caught all the yarn.

If you want to sew two sides of crochet together, you can find some fabulous information on how to do that here.

Finally, I turned it right side out, put in my down filled cushion and voilà! Two gorgeous, chunky, cushions. Just perfect for lounging, nesting, or working on the couch.

If only I can keep them away from my daughter! 😉

Cushions on couch with magazines, coffee and phone

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