Stormtrooper pop up card

Storm trooper Pop Up Card


DM is a huge Star Wars fan. Munchkin had watched all of the movies (mainly through closed eyes) before she was 5 months old. So for his birthday it seemed appropriate to make him a Stormtrooper birthday card. And carrying on the theme from last year, it needed to be a pop up!

As I’m sure you can imagine, life has been a little like riding a rollercoaster this past few weeks. So I was exceedingly happy to carve out a little time to myself to put this card together for DM. His birthday was a low-key affair, but a perfect one. The sun came out over the weekend and we got to relax and enjoy what felt like some of the first Spring days in Lausanne. I also took him to Funky BBQ in Geneva and bought him copious amounts of American BBQ. So he was a very happy man!


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


I created this card using my cutter/ plotter. Then cut out black cardstock and glued it behind to add the details.


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


I’ve included all the templates you may need to create your own below. There’s PDF, SVG and JPG files with the birthday text and without. This way you can do whatever you like with him!

Customise him to your heart’s content for your Star Wars nerd. They’d make great birthday invitations for a themed party.


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


You can use a cutter plotter, or print out the PDF version and cut them out using an x-acto knife. For a customised version, insert the .JPG file into your prefered software and add the text over the top.

If you need a more detailed tutorial, he goes together exactly like the heart pop up card I created.


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


And of course Munchkin did her part too. She decorated the outside of the card with all her favourite stickers and crayon colours. She is fascinated with the black one at the moment, which whilst being perfect for the project at hand, posed problems when she overshot the paper and scribbled on the table. I think I’ll be investing in a play mat soon!


Storm trooper Pop Up Card


Now I have to get to work creating an egg to go with this one I made for DM a few Easters ago. I’m hoping to eventually have the full cast!

Download T&Cs


  • wow this is exactly what I needed!! Thank you!!!

  • Marina says:

    I love this, it’s perfect for my brother’s birthday in November! He’s going to freak out!! 😀 Thanks, as always, and a big hello to California!

  • Malenkiki says:

    I’m doing it right now!!! I promise to send you pics. Thank you for all inspiration 🙂 Since I’m from Mexico I think it would be awesome to have a post in Spanish. If you are ok I’ll write a post in my blog OBVIOUSLY giving you all the credits.

  • Malenkiki says:

    Hi Nicx
    I’m sure everything is according to your terms 🙂 Its a pleasure to share such an amazing work. Just to make sure I’ll share with you the paragraph
    “Encontré está tarjeta Pop Up en el blog de Next To Nicx si son diseñadores pueden entrar y encontrar los archivos svg por si hay que hacerles modificaciones o si tienen una cortadora especial. Y también están los pdfs”

    That means “I found this pop up card in “next to Nick Blog” (link there) If you are designers you can go and find the svg files, in case you have to do some modifications or if you have a special cutter. Also there are the PDF to print”

    Let me know if that works for you.

  • Jenny says:

    Thank you so much I hope I am clever enough to make this, I’ve not done printing and cutting before!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi May I know where can I get the template of this card? I can’t find it in the website.
    Thank you!

  • Jodey says:

    I love this card so much! I’m having a hard time importing it into Cricut Design Space. It is saying it is unsupported… all images are coming in black… so I don’t have the “happy Birthday” any idea what I am doing wrong?

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