Summer cocktail party 2012

Last weekend, Husband and I held our annual party.

Subconsciously we start preparing for Christmas as soon as it gets warm (being Australian, we’re used to hot weather when the man in the suit arrives on his surfboard pulled by kangaroos). So to soothe our somewhat confused selves, we host an annual party to celebrate everything fabulous from the past year.

Last year we had a Unbirthday party, complete with presents for the kids, pinatas, a Mad Hatter Cake and alcoholic beverages in teacups.

This year we went for something a little more adult in nature and held a cocktail party. We had an absolute ball with our guests and so didn’t get a lot of photos.

We served vodka and gin based cocktails

I made a flower ball to sit over the drinks tray. Initially I planned on making three but found myself running short on time and had to satisfy myself with one. I will be making more in future and including a tutorial!

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