Taking a breather…

Munchkin at the park

As you probably know, my life is in a state of flux at the moment. It seems the universe has picked up the snow globe containing my life and has given it a good shake. DM, Munchkin and I are bunkered down, watching our world fly around us, waiting for things to settle, occasionally nudging things and hoping they land where we’d like.

We’re also working our way through an ever-growing To Do list. DM is trying to finish his thesis, his Masters course, to wind up his old job and to start a new one (where the first 90 days are always important). Munchkin is walking, dropped her 2nd nap during the day this weekend *sobs*, and seems determined to investigate and to help with everything we’re doing. So it is now impossible to make or work on the computer whilst she’s awake. Then we’ve the move to America to deal with.

And I’m feeling a bit erm… fragile. I’m tired and frustrated. I’m not unhappy; quite the opposite! But I am tired of feeling like I’m continually trying to shut the gate after the horse has bolted.

So, just this morning whilst I was watching Munchkin play in the park, I realised that I’d spent a good part of her play time in self flagellation and trying to work out how I could keep her entertained and out of my way so I could work. I became frustrated because she interrupted me as I attempted to reply to an email. I realised I’d missed a fair amount of joy; the sun is out, the park full of dogs, flowers peeking through the grass and the sunshine has Switzerland’s residents smiling at one another on the street.  I’d missed part of it trying to reply to emails and to check social media. In the process I’d almost missed something even more important; this face as my daughter investigated the play equipment.

With this in mind I’ve made a decision. I need to take some of the pressure off. I create best when I’m not working to self set deadlines or merely trying to post a set number of times a week. And I’m happiest when I can work to make something as I’d like;  not a half-hearted, quick solution.

I need to Spring clean the blog. But I can’t magic up the time to do it and keep publishing posts every week without sacrificing family time and sleep. Neither of which will make me happy or healthy. So I’ve decided to take a break from the blogs for about a month. I won’t stop working, but I am planning to take the time needed to make and fix all the things on the blogs that have been frustrating me no end, and to get ahead on my posts. This will also mean that I can continue to blog during our move, when we’ll be living in temporary accommodation.

Please bear with me, I’ll still pop up on Facebook and Instagram during the next few weeks. But I won’t be posting on Next to nicx or Munchkin et moi.

See you, with some great posts, and a refreshed blog, in a few weeks!

P.S- Here’s a sneak peek of one of the projects I’m hoping to spend a decent amount of time working on. Writing up the pattern and tutorial to Ikea hack this tent, into this:




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