The reason things have been a bit quiet around here lately

Late last year DM and I were in a quandary. DM had been applying for jobs, none of them based in Switzerland. And it was starting to look like we were going to be moving to Singapore in the near future. I was all prepped for big changes and mentally writing to-do lists.

Then DM was promoted within his current job, sealing our fate, we were staying in Lausanne for a few more years. We’d never intended to be in Switzerland longer than 3 years so it was a bit of a shift in view. Then, as the celebration finished and the euphoria started to wear off, we had a day of ‘what now?’

That lasted all of a day.


Photo ©Jennifer M. Howell via

Photo ©Jennifer M. Howell via

Then we I found out I was pregnant*.

Perfect timing! All of a sudden we knew just what we’d be doing and the few more years here are a blessing. I’ve got great health cover here, Switzerland’s health system is amazing and the stability we have here surrounded by fabulous friends all make having a child a much less scary prospect.

I’ve started writing lists of all the fabulous things I want to make and do for the new addition to our family. Our annual Summer Party in August is now to be a very relaxed ‘Hey We’re Having a Baby BBQ’, I’ve a nursery to decorate (when we find out the sex) and I’ve got onsies to paint, birth announcements to make and sooo many other things to knit, bake, make, sew and print! All of which I’ll share with you.

But I’m still going to be making non-baby things. Hand on heart I promise not to turn this into a baby blog.

But this doesn’t really explain why I’ve been quiet. Basically it comes down to exhaustion and nausea. The dreaded morning sickness hit me full throttle. They lie, in my case it’s more ‘all the time sickness’. Then, just as I was starting to feel more normal and to commence eating a little more whilst we were in San Francisco, I caught a gastic virus on our way home. Which combined with jet lag has wiped me out all over again! So I’ve spent rather a lot of time in bed and on the couch. Thankfully the lovely DM has done a wonderful job of looking after me and cooking for himself (as even the thought of food has made me go green lately).

On the plus side, I can still do up the buttons on my jeans (other than the super skinny ones) and I’ve been told by the doctor that baby is fine. And I’m really happy to hear that now that I’m at 12 weeks, I can soon expect a boost in energy and for the morning sickness to stop. Then the blog will pick up again.

So here’s to many more baking and craft posts!
I’ll be back to my making-self soon 🙂



*Yes, the little one was planned. But we didn’t expect he/ she to come along quite this quickly!


  • Meta says:

    Enjoy the 2nd trimester! It’s (usually) the best time of the pregnancy! I can’t wait to see all your baby-related creations! xx

  • Iulia says:

    Congratulation!! I hope you will enjoy as much as you can this period in your life!

  • Bronwyn says:

    Congratulations. Your life is about to change enormously – some doors will not so readily be opened, but others will be wide. The opportunities small children provide to be creative are wonderful.

  • Nootz says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog and have actually started to wonder about the recent quiet. Although I figured that with the wonderful things you do, most of them are bound to take time. But it’s so good to have you back. :o) Welcome back!

  • David Baker says:

    Congratulations!!! What wonderful news on all fronts. David x

  • Kyel says:

    My most heartfelt congratulations! I had my first child (a daughter) last April so I know what kind of an adventure you’ve just started on. It’s wonderful! Looking forward to seeing lots of future creations, both baby and non-baby related!

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