One of my favourite foods is in season! I’m currently addicted to watermelon and have found myself enabled by our local grocery as they’ve been selling deliciously sweet, organic, mini melons. I’ve been eating my fair share (possibly more)! I’ve also found I can’t get enough lemonade so when I saw a recipe for something called Watermelonade the other day, I had to try my hand at making up a version. I love it! It’s just the right combination of sweet/ sour and utterly refreshing.

But I’m now out of watermelon… I need to make another trip to the store!




It’s very simple, I’ve written out the recipe below. But the quantities you use will very much need to be determined by your personal taste and how sweet your melon is! I can’t wait until next year, when I intend to be drinking these dosed with a little ‘something stronger’. I can’t help but think they’d taste amazing with a little Hendrick’s gin and garnished with some cucumber.

Maybe one of you lovely self-sacrificing readers could give it a try and let me know?




  • 2/3 rds of a seedless mini watermelon (mine was about 25cm in diameter. I’m sorry, in my eagerness to try this it out I forgot to weigh it)
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • Simple syrup or sugar to taste (optional, I omitted this completely)
  • 500 ml of sparkling water (I used Badoit)



Chop up your watermelon and remove and discard the rind. Place in a blender (or use a stick blender, it works just as well) and liquify!

Sieve the mix to remove and discard the puree.

Add the lemon juice and simple syrup (if using) to taste.

Top up the mix with sparkling water and refrigerate until you want to serve it. Give it a little stir before pouring as the watermelon has a tendency to settle.




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