Wool and the Gang – a knit party

Wool and the gang knit party

This past Friday, I held my first Wool and the Gang Knit Party.

It was great fun. Ten crafty ladies arrived for champagne, snacks and some fun chunky knitting action. They’d all pre-ordered their kits, so a few days beforehand this amazing box full of goodies arrived at my door.Wool and the gang knit party

I had loads of fun putting all the packages together and getting my bake on in preparation.Wool and the gang knit party

I whipped up my banana, sour cream and dulce de leche cake with sour cream frosting and made up a batch of caramelised red onion and goats cheese tarts. Then included a few extra nibbles, a few bottles of champagne and we were set!Wool and the gang knit party

There was loads of conversation, laughter, knitting, learning and the creation of some gorgeous snoods.

The alcohol may have slowed down some of our better knitters and have steepened the learning curve for the beginners but the tutorials were available for reference afterwards. With the result my Facebook feed and phone have been filled with photos and updates the last few days. Almost all are finished!
Wool and the gang knit party

I got the kit in Sherpa Blue. It knit up in the twisted rib stitch.Wool and the gang knit party

It turned out I had enough yarn to make myself a snood and to create a mini one for Munchkin.Wool and the gang knit party

She was somewhat reluctant to try it on this morning; until I put mine on too and bribed her with milk. Then she didn’t want to take it off! We’ll have to go for a walk today to try them outdoors.Wool and the gang knit party

I can’t wait to host another WATG party. I’ve decided to keep up knitting now I’m in the groove, by making their fantastic Cosmic Sweater for Spring. Here’s hoping mine turns out like the picture!

If you’d like to try out Wool and the Gang. You can click here and sign up for 10% off your first order.

And if you live in Lausanne, and want to join in a knit party, leave me a comment or get in touch. I’ll be hosting another one with their Spring/ Summer knit project in early May.


  • Caroline says:

    Why did i just discover your blog! (via Lausanne Mom by the way 😉 ) Bummer!
    I wish i’d known about those knit parties! I love Wool & the Gang, usually stock up in Berlin.
    I’d love to participate to the next get together but currently 36wks pregnant so i doubt i’ll be able to make it. If you do post the details, i’ll make sure to do my best to participate if i can 😉

    • next to nicx says:

      Oh such a shame. I’ve discovered all these lovely people in Lausanne just as we’re leaving!
      I’ll make sure to let you know if the Knit and the Gang party happens in May.
      Good luck with your little one! x

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